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Whipped Soap

Whipped Soap

Introducing our Scented Whipped Soap Body Wash, a little luxury that packs a punch.

Immerse yourself in the heavenly fragrance that accompanies each use, creating a moment of indulgence in your daily routine.

This whipped soap is infused with a trinity of skin-loving ingredients such as shea butter, vitamin E & coconut oil.

The shea butter lays a velvety foundation, ensuring your skin stays hydrated and soft. Vitamin E brings its antioxidant prowess to the mix, promoting skin rejuvenation and a healthy glow.

The compact size makes it an ideal travel companion, allowing you to carry the essence of luxury wherever you go, with only a very small amount needed for each use.

Treat yourself to the opulence of our Scented Whipped Soap Body Wash, where compact size meets big indulgence.

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