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Moonlight Lily Wax Melt

Moonlight Lily Wax Melt

Designed to smell like fresh clothes dried outdoors with a twist! An oriental whirlwind inspired by lilies, amber and sparkling spices transport the senses to a hazy world of glamour and temptation.


Wax should only be used in appropriate burners.

You should never leave an in-use burner unattended.

Break off one to two cubes, depending on your burner size, add a tealight underneath and light the tealight. Keep replacing the tealight until you can no longer smell the fragrance. Two cubes should last 12-18 hours of scent. Don't add more than two cubes, one to two is plenty.

How strong the scent smells will vary on a few factors. Room size is the main factor, larger rooms require more scent to fill them. Close all windows in the room you're burning the wax in.

Please check the packaging for allergen advise. Keep away from children.

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