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Welcome to Kerr & Co Wax.
A small, quickly growing company from the heart of Staffordshire, established in March 2020.


Our Story
Kerr & Co Wax started as a small hobby of ours, making melts and candles for friends & family in our spare time, but little did I know just how quickly we would take off! 
Requests and orders began rolling in through-out 2020 and I decided to take the plunge and make Kerr & Co Wax my full time priority. I started in a small space with a few supplies and within a matter of weeks I had to increase production massively.

Why are we called Kerr & Co Wax? 
The name 'Kerr' derives from the Scottish boarders but here at Kerr & Co Wax, it holds a very special place in our hearts.

Our grandfather was an incredible man who provided joy and laughter to all those who met him during his life time and when we started this business, this is all we wanted to achieve. We wanted to give people the chance to experience a moment of joy and inner peace and 2020 allowed us to recognise, as a company, that these moments are very precious. 

This is a strong, Scottish name & I wanted to honour it in a very special way. 

More About Our Products 
Each product in all of our ranges are handcrafted with the upmost love and care. From creating your melts, to packaging and posting we want our customer to have a truly special experience with us when purchasing from our shop. We like to say every one of our parcels contains a little Kerr & Co love for our customers!

By supporting Kerr & Co Wax your not only supporting a small business but a big dream!

We appreciate all of your support from the very bottom of our hearts.

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